Basic Puppy Training Tips At Home

Training your puppy require a lot of time and attention. Being a pet owner means accepting the fact that there is no quick way when it comes to training your puppy.

In fact, the training process needs repetition over a few weeks to clearly understand and learn your puppy’s behavior. Therefore, your patience is very important to ensure the success of this type of pet training.

As a pet owner, you should be vigilant and consistent to the time you have to spend during the house training process and reinforce positive behaviors that will help you to prevent accidents especially when you are in the house.


 Create a schedule for your puppy training. You should keep in mind that consistency is crucial to ensure the success of your puppy training. By having an established routine for your pet, he will eventually learn when it is time to eat, play, and do his business.

In addition, your puppy training does not end in allowing your pet to walk outside at the same time on a regular basis, but your puppy should be fed at the same time as well. Doing so will help you to keep your pet’s digestive system on schedule.


 Make sure to give enough time in monitoring your puppy at all times. If your pet eliminates too often inside the house, it will give you confusion about when and where your puppy is supposed to urinate or defecate.

As a result, it will cause some delays on accomplishing your puppy training. However, if you cannot afford to closely monitor your pet at all times because you have to go to work or school, confining him in his own crate will help you to keep him safe. In addition, doing so will allow him to get used to having his own living space.


 Puppy training can be quite tricky but doing it properly will allow you to have fun while you are training your pet.